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Fall Cleaning

If you already have a steel building that you’re using, chances are pretty high that you’re already well aware that you don’t need to do regular maintenance to these structures while you have them. What is always a good idea it keep it in good shape though is keeping it clean. It’s always recommended that you clean your structure bi-annually, in the spring and in the fall. The reasons for cleaning it in the spring should be pretty obvious: that’s when most people get their spring cleaning done. Not only that, but the winter months present a unique set of problems that, if left unattended throughout the rest of the year, could potentially cause problems for your building. The salt typically used to melt down ice and snow in the winter months can often be damaging to prefab steel, but washing a building during the freezing cold is usually a bad idea. It’s important to find the best possible time to do this as well. On the flip side, cleaning and washing your steel building in the fall months is a much better idea than doing it in the middle of the summer for a multitude of reasons. Here are just a few of them.

Close Enough To The Following Spring

By cleaning your steel building in the fall months instead of the middle of the summer, you have enough space between one cleaning to the next. The next time you’re going to have the ability to clean your structure is going to be the springtime, so getting it done in the fall gives you a good period of time before the next scheduled cleaning. Though our steel buildings are obviously able to stand up to nearly any outdoor element as well as wear & tear for long periods of time, it’s always a good idea to keep up with the regularity of the cleaning so you don’t fall behind later on down the line.

Clear Up The First Signs Of Fall

You should typically wait a few weeks until fall is fully in swing so that when you clean up, you’re clearing away the first signs of fall in the form of leaves, branches and other debris. Once these have all fallen from the trees, they can sometimes clog up gutters and eavestroughs making it much harder for your building to function properly. Removing these elements from your structure is one of the most important parts of your cleaning process, and being able to get this done during the fall months will make a huge difference particularly if you have any kind of drainage system on your structure.

Still Warm Enough For Proper Cleaning

Probably the most obvious reason for cleaning your steel building in the fall months is that the weather will still be relatively warm enough to clean your structure correctly. It’s far enough away from the freezing conditions of the winter months so that washing your structure with water and some sort of mild cleanser makes sense. Often times, power washing can result in immediate freezing, which can end up being more detrimental for your structure.

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