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Getting The Best Price

With 2017 in full swing and the first two quarters over, it’s a lot easier to get an idea of where the steel prices are compared to predictions from last year. When it comes to prefab steel buildings, it’s important to realize just how the prices of steel have a positive effect on the prefab steel buildings you buy. Steel is a commodity like anything else whose value changes from day to day, but it’s usually not a drastic change and much of the steel products we use on a daily basis from buildings to cutlery don’t change too much in price. Stable or lowering steel prices is always a great thing for the industry in general, and even better for those who buy steel buildings for their construction projects. Here’s what steel prices mean for you in the short term and the long run.

The Same Great Prices

Prefab steel buildings are known for being cost-effective structures and this is due in part to the generally stable price of steel. In its raw form, steel and iron ore are sourced from different places around the world but are ultimately all processed in similar ways. Its market value depends on a whole host of varying factors, but in the end, the price that a customer pays for a prefab building is always going to be less than the cost of buying and cutting raw materials to make a similarly sized structure. The labor that adds to the process is what makes the price difference, and with steel buildings, your structure will already come to your job site with many of the pieces already put together. When prices fluctuate greatly like they do for plenty of other materials, it can have a great effect on your budget as the cost can increase by the time you’re ready to pay for it at the end. This is something you will generally not have to worry about with steel.

Great Turnaround Times

The turnaround time from the moment you order your steel structure to when it arrives at your job site is normally about 6 weeks, and with steel prices staying pretty stable it’s more than possible to maintain that going forward. Rising or fluctuating costs can sometimes make it tricky to maintain a set time frame as costs will inevitably affect wait times.

Industry Focus

Right now there is the appropriate amount of focus and innovation dedicated to prefab steel buildings since it’s still seen as a viable and cost-effective building option. With other things that become too expensive or outdated, there is usually some measure of focus on finding a new option to simply replace it. Steel has been able to position itself based not only on its stable pricing but its overall usefulness as one of the strongest and most flexible and customizable building materials on the market.


With things that become too expensive comes a lack of access. As ideas and processes rise in cost, they become more niche; accessible to only small pockets of people due not only to price but also that it would make less sense to make them more widely available. That’s something you will likely never have to worry about when it comes to steel thanks to prices that tend to remain fairly stable over time.


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